Pre Test Dun Laoghaire

I offer a 3 hour pre-test course. Course cost is €195.00 with your own bike or €395.00 including bike hire for both the pre-test and the actual test itself.

I will give a full explanation on how the test is conducted followed by a demonstration ride around the possible test routes with radio commentary, so you will see and hear how you should ride. You will then ride out in front of me and with the use of radio contact I will give you directions as to where I want you to go exactly like your examiner. I’ll correct your mistakes if you make them. This allows you to recognize your faults immediately and correct them. I will give you useful tips on how to perform a U-turn properly and how to ride your bike slowly as the examiner walks beside you. I’ll also cover the braking exercise and the overtake manoeuvre around the examiner’s car and questions regarding general maintenance and safety checks on your bike.

Among the many benefits of passing your motorcycle driving test are:

  • Reduced insurance (up to 25%)
  • Not having to wear the ‘L’ vest.
  • Carry a pillion passenger
  • Use a motorway
  • Ride abroad (incl. Northern Ireland)
  • Get a 10 year full licence valid in all European countries including the United Kingdom.
  • No need to repeat the IBT every 2 years.

I provide motorcycle rental for ‘A’, ‘A2’ and ‘A1’ tests in Dun Laoghaire Test centre.


Pre Test Dun Laoghaire