Additional Excercises

1. Controlled Braking Exercise.

This exercise is done whilst travelling at 55kph (in a 60kph zone) your examiner will instruct you over the radio to ‘brake down to 25kph.’
This will be done using both front and back brake and should only take the rider between 2 to 3 seconds to do.

Those three seconds can be measured by counting out loud ‘One thousand and one, One thousand and two, One thousand and three’. By the time you get to the 3rd second you should be down to 25kph but no lower than 20kph.

Then change down to a lower gear, check both mirrors and your examiner will then tell you to ‘’move on’. Accelerate immediately but gently back up to 60kph if it’s safe to do so.

This exercise is NOT an emergency stop. You are displaying to your examiner your ability to use your brakes if a situation arose where a hazard would cause a 30kph (18mph) reduction of speed.

2. Stationary Vehicle Overtake Exercise.

Whilst riding in a 60kph zone you will then be asked by your examiner to ‘pull into the left and stop’. Your examiner will then drive his car around you and pull in further up the road (about 150 metres away). He will then get out of his car and instruct you to ride towards him and then move out of the way of his car. As you ride towards his car in the middle of your lane you will accelerate up to 55kph then check your right mirror, indicate, shoulder check and then move out leaving more than a car doors width of clearance on the overtake.

You will then be instructed to ‘pull in and stop and wait’. He will then return to his car and when he is ready, he will then instruct you to ‘move off’.

This exercise is NOT a sudden swerve. You are displaying to your examiner your ability to adjust your position on the road safely should a hazard happen to alter it.



Under no circumstance should these exercises be practised where they could interfere with any other road users. It is therefore very important before carrying out practice exercises to be aware of what is happening behind you and that you are in a 60kph speed zone.

These exercises can be done in everyday traffic situations such as moving out around a parked vehicle/obstruction or slowing on the approach to traffic lights or junctions where no other road users are driving directly behind you. Please be aware of the potential risk of an accident occurring whilst braking unpredictably and unexpectedly on a public road.


Additional Excercises -