How To Pass My Motorcycle Test


  • Your machine is roadworthy
  • Your LEARNER PERMIT is – (a) in date (b) correct category
  • Your tax disc is displayed on your bike
  • Vehicle Registration Certificate (Log Book) If power output is not printed on this then you will need from a shop or dealer Proof of power document
  • A pair of in-ear wired headphones, with a 3.5mm jack plug (preferably with no microphone)
  • Your IBT certificate


  • Wear fluorescent/reflective vest with Learner Plates front and rear
  • Wear protective clothing (gloves, jacket, boots)
  • Fasten strap on helmet
  • Have a clean bike/clear visor
  • Arrive 10 minutes early
  • Switch off your mobile phone
  • Smile and be confident and positive


  • Will need you to sign a declaration (this states that the bike is roadworthy and insured)
  • Will need to check your licence
  • Will ask you questions on the Rules of the Road including identifying road signs.
  • Will get you to demonstrate your hand signals
  • Will check your brake light, indicators and lights front and rear are all working. And the tax disc is in date and is properly displayed on the bike not concealing the number plate.
  • Will ask you several questions on regular mechanical/safety checks to be made to your motorcycle. These include weekly checks; oil level (how to check it). Tyres (wear (1mm minimum tread depth), damage and pressure). Chain (lubrication and tension 25mm approx.) May want you to explain how you tighten the chain. Brake pad wear 1mm minimum. And your daily checks are lights (working with clean lenses and no cracks) brake fluid level is full squeezing lever to ensure its not spongy.
  • The engine kill switch’s purpose is for emergency use to stop the engine in case of a fall should your examiner ask.
  • Will equip you with a radio and your headphones will go into that and give you instructions on its usage.
  • Will follow you in a car and give you directions over the radio.
  • Will want you to pull in and perform a U-turn with both feet up. But only if you can, if the motorcycle your riding, the width of the road and weather conditions don’t allow this then dropping your foot towards the end or backing the bike up in order to complete the turn is totally acceptable.
  • Will want you to ride slowly at about walking pace whilst he drives behind you or walks beside you.
  • Will want you to push your motorcycle forwards (and maybe backwards) approx. 5 metres.
  • Test duration will be approximately 40 minutes to 1 hour long from beginning to end.


How To Pass My Motorcycle Test -